Nilai UAS Semester Genap T.A. 2012/2013 Intermediate English Grammar

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NIlai UTS Semester Genap T.A. 2012/2013 Intermediate English Grammar

Nilai UTS Kelas II-C download
Nilai UTS Kelas II-D download
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Graha Cakrawala

There is a new building in my university. It is Graha cakrawala. It is located in Jalan Gombong. It is a big building. It consists of one big hall, a large stage, and a large parking lot. It can accommodate around 2000 people. There are many chairs inside. The chairs are arranged in stairs. Outside the building, there are many plants and flowers. These plants and flowers make this building looks more beautiful.
This building looks like a China bowl. No other building in my university looks like it. It is very special and luxurious. Many events can be held there.  No people can come inside without any invitation of the event. Events which are held here are usually big events or the historic ones. The events are music concert, fashion show, dies-natalies anniversary, graduation, farewell party, etc.
It should be proud to be the part of events. It also see people come and go. It becomes the witness when people are happy and sad. When they cry, it seems that it wants to cry too. When they laugh, it looks like it wants to laugh too. It also becomes the witness of a dating couple, a helmet stealing, or warm feeling of friendship. It knows many things but unfortunately, it cannot say anything.
Although, this building is special, if people forget to care about it, it will be a dirty beauty like a pig. People walk on its grass, scratch here and there. The janitor forgets to clean the window, the floor, fixes the lavatory, or mows the lawn. It will look very dirty and not beautiful anymore. Actually, it needs to be loved too.
In conclusion, Graha Cakrawala is actually a special and luxurious building that needs to be maintained regularly.